One on one consultation with sonica

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Online Masterclass

Sign up for a 60 minute one on one consultation with Sonica who is a fashion sustainability expert with over two decades of ethical design, sourcing and production expertise.
At the end of the session you walk away with:
  1. Answers to your questions on production, sourcing, sustainability, impact and storytelling.
  2. Key guidance on how to source organic, recycled and artisanal materials from India
  3. How to navigate production challenges such as minimums, leadtime, pricing and approval process.
  4. Details on prototyping, factory and Projecthrive workshop services.
  5. Any guidance you need on fair trade, worker rights, factory compliances and more.
  6. An option to receive upto 10 custom base qualities of fabrics that match your design needs and impact goals sourced from our best textile mill and artisan partners across India.

Price :  USD 125