Jamdani – The legacy of a bygone era

Jam-dani or “flower pot” is the traditional technique of inserting extra warp and weft yarns on handloom to create embroidery like motifs in fine cotton muslins.Its origins lies in Mughal patronage. Legend has it that the Mughal emperors who loved  silk brocades, found them too […]

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Artisan impact

Artisan Impact

By working with artisans your business is changing lives and creating far reaching impact that includes Stable employment for vulnerable artisan communities living below the poverty line. Education and healthcare for the artisans’ children, giving them a chance at a better future. Financial empowerment of women that helps […]

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product design

Product Design

Product Design Our custom design services help create new market opportunities for brands and artisans alike. We combine global trends with artisanal expertise  to design contemporary products that are unique, ethically made and well-priced. Storytelling We also help our brands tell the story of  the […]

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Ethical production

Ethical Production

Our in house factory is compliant to SEDEX and VF social standards. Our production team has over 25 years of expertise catering to several major American and European brands. We combine this with a vetted network of over 70 weavers, artisans and mills. Our service […]

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Artisan training

Artisan Training

Based on 25 years of sourcing expertise, we have developed artisan training and skill development workshops that give artisans the necessary tools to, Meet the delivery and quality standards of international buyers. Price products fairly and competitively. Undertake custom sample development and design new products suited to the […]

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