About Us

A bridge between artisans and buyers
Founder Sonica Sarna has over 15 years’ experience in the international fashion and
home goods industry. She espouses the philosophy that contemporary design and
responsible sourcing can help make business a powerful tool for socio-economic impact.
Sonica shuttles between rural India and USA and is currently based in New Delhi.

We make it easy for brands to work with artisans and have impact
SSD is a one-stop shop for buyers who want to source unique products responsibly.
We offer buyers a host of services that include design, sourcing, production, quality
assurance and logistics support that can be customized to their needs.
Our 25 year old ethical production set up in New Delhi guarantees world class quality
and delivery standards to buyers.

We successfully bring artisans to the international market place
Sonica used her expertise in design, production and sourcing to create the artisan incubator model
after she observed first-hand the skill gap between artisans and international buyers.
The-first-of-its-kind incubator helps train artisans in key industry skills such as delivery
management, quality, customer service and product design. The incubator also
connects market ready artisan groups with buyers worldwide.

Sonica Sarna Design is proud to be incubating over 30 artisan groups and
successfully partnering with over 20 brands worldwide

For more information, please contact:
[email protected]