We’re about to blow your mind!

THE HEAD COUNT IS IN! 45 artisan communities ( and counting….). 33 textile mills including certified organic. Ethical and state of the art in house factory sewing. In house pattern making and design support. Shipping and logistics support. Quality and delivery guarantee. Flexible order quantum. […]

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Happy Independence day!

This 15th August India celebrates 70 years of independence . Even today, the Gandhian philosophy of Swaraj or autonomy lives on in the KHADI hand spun textiles still being made by our artisan partners across India, providing employment and autonomy to women. After all this time, we are reminded that […]

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Jamdani – The legacy of a bygone era

Jam-dani or “flower pot” is the traditional technique of inserting extra warp and weft yarns on handloom to create embroidery like motifs in fine cotton muslins.Its origins lies in Mughal patronage. Legend has it that the Mughal emperors who loved  silk brocades, found them too […]

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Artisan impact

Artisan Impact

By working with artisans your business is changing lives and creating far reaching impact that includes Stable employment for vulnerable artisan communities living below the poverty line. Education and healthcare for the artisans’ children, giving them a chance at a better future. Financial empowerment of women that helps […]

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